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Our Flowers

Flowers are meant to say something special. They are always beautiful, but they aren’t always personal. Every arrangement from Botanica Florals is created to be both personal and beautiful.


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It's all about RELATIONSHIPS

Not many floral designers know their growers. Even fewer have the opportunity to collaborate with their growers about what to plant for the upcoming seasons. We know our growers, have long-standing relationships with them, and work with them throughout the year to create offerings that excite and inspire our customers.

In fact, we know our local growers so well that we’re able to hand-pick the flowers we want instead of receiving a bunch that may not be the best for us. They share their expertise about growing conditions and how to care for the flowers they grow. We share with them the important details of our business, like which flowers really resonated with customers, and how a peony’s particular shade of pink matched perfectly to a bride’s dress.

We are equally proud of our relationship with our local floral wholesaler. They have access to flowers and supplies from across the country and beyond. This allows us to create designs for our customers from a large variety of carefully selected blooms.


Why do we work this way?

It’s simple. As customers, we wouldn’t want to work with a floral designer any other way. When you work with Botanica Florals, you can rest assured that you and your event get the attention and care it deserves.

How We Work

The first step we take with any customer is to listen. We want to understand your occasion, your needs, the message and feel you want to convey.

Our second step is to show you the flowers currently available. Working with local growers means our flowers are exceptionally fresh and seasonal. Everything we create is made-to-order.

We love to personalize your design. Have a family heirloom or photo? Let us show you how we can bring them to life among the flowers.

If you are holding an event in a particular space, we’ll make it inviting, warm, and comfortable, infusing our in-season flowers and any other important items you need.

Delivery Policy

  • We are happy to deliver to most areas of Central Vermont, but we strongly encourage you to contact us to verify your location before placing a delivery order.

  • All of our deliveries are considered “premium,” which means we ensure that your flowers are protected every step of the way, from the moment they leave our floral coolers to the moment they arrive at your recipient’s home or your event. We can also arrange monthly deliveries for offices, corporate/business spaces, and homes. 

  • Botanica Florals has one focus: your floral and plant needs. Let us help you make memories with beautiful, fresh, seasonal flowers and plants.

Caring for Your Flowers

  • Re-cut the stems of the loose flowers and place in room-temperature water with flower food as soon as possible.

  • Check water level each day. If water becomes cloudy, flush vase with fresh tap water until it clears.

  • Arrangements in floral foam should be watered just enough to keep the foam wet. All flowers should be kept in a cool spot away from direct sunlight.

  • Enjoy!

“As a customer of Botanica Florals, I appreciate the creativity in their floral designs, the pride they put into their work and the partnership we have developed.”   

— Susan C., Vermont Mutual Insurance Group

“Capitol Plaza has been in the wedding industry for over 25 years and has worked with many vendors. Over those years, Botanica Florals has become one of our favorites.  Their vision of providing a beautiful product that fits within a client’s budget is a perfect match to what we try to provide.  They excel at dealing with the type of client looking for something special and unique and they always succeed.  We love having Sarah and Sonja as talented industry partners and look forward to continuing that relationship”. 

— Brian C., Director of Sales

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